Go up with Cialis

cialisCialis is a brand, a high-quality medicine associated in men with power and reliability. This medicine produces vigorous competition to other medicines of the same drug class.
Cialis was introduced to ensure the activity of the male reproductive organ when it is necessary. The ingredient inside, Tadalafil, helps rise this organ up and remain it in the up position for long.
The basic principle of its work relies on blood flow increase to the pelvic area.
Cialis is impressive, it works in men of all ages, not taking the reason of ED into account.
Its high effectiveness can be seen within 36 hours or even more. ciConsequently a man, who has taken Cialis, does not worry about erections during next two days and nights. There is no need to renew the dose. Evidently this makes Cialis a perfect medicine for managing ED.
Cialis doses
Cialis can be used with meals. Normally the dose in the initiation of the treatment is the lowest -5 mg. If necessary it may be increased to 10mg or 20 mg. It is very individual, so the dose choice should be discussed with a doctor. Still more than 20 mg is not recommended even if you have no contraindications.
Where to buy Cialis?
Now it is easy to buy a medicine, you want, online. Choose the pharmacy which offers better prices and home delivery. For most men it is the best option.
Still you can get it at regular pharmacy.

Cialis is accepted by men who need special help

§ Cialis aim

Cialis is one of the medications which have the purpose to treat erectile dysfunction in men.cialis 1

The main component in Cialis is the famous Tadalafil. This ingredient was approved by the FDA and appeared on the market soon after Viagra.

§ Function and time of action

Tadalafil functions the same way as all other oral drugs for ED treatment. Still it has certain distinguished features which specify it from other medications.

With proper taking Cialis is able to improve the blood flow to the penis and make it hard for perfect erectile functioning.

One must know that Cialis usage is accompanied by good stimulation of the male organ.

The time of its actions is nonpareil and reaches 36 hours and even more. Unexcelled Cialis gives men power of having sex during practically two days and nights. It remains in blood and helps to achieve an erection any time a man needs it.

§ Why men with ED choose Cialis?

cialis2Once a man starts experiencing ED, he should get a proper treatment. Without the treatment the condition will most surely deteriorate and result in complete impotence.

Men who have the symptoms of ED often select Cialis as the first-line therapy. They are sure in the effectiveness of this medicine and its reliability. Cialis never lets men down. It works in men with serious impotence cases as well as in men with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction.

The simple and comfortable use of the medicine allows men being confident in their sexual power within 30 minutes post the dose.

The period of work is 36 hours so a person should not worry about having multiple intimacies.

If you have ED, do not allow it spoil your life, choose Cialis and lighten up!

Supreme Cialis

Cialis is a supreme formula for erectile problem. It addresses the ED problem directly and significantly improves the quality of erections, making them harder, longer and more powerful. Men and their partners report complete satisfaction with the results of the treatment provided by this unique medicine.ciali man

The medicine offers the best way to enhance the states with inactive, limp penis. It treats erectile dysfunction by improving the blood flow straight to the penis. The penis gets filled with much blood and stays erect for a long time needed for normal sexual intercourse.
Besides, Tadalafil, the main ingredient in Cialis, grants men with the possibility to decrease the refractory time between erections and get erections sooner within a short period of time.
Supreme Cialis is a synonym for quality. It is highly effective in men of all ages and treats all the cases of impotence in men.

Comfortable dosing

The different doses of this medicine make it possible to use it by practically all men. The medicine can be used daily or as needed.

Cialis solves the problem of ED easily and smoothly. Many men use this medicine regularly and praise its great results.

A 20mg dosage is the perfect one to select when buying this medication. It works at a faster rate to give the best results to men. So if you are also one among the men who is suffering from ED then think about 20 mg pills of Cialis.

cialis online
Cialis can be obtained from any of the online pharmaceutical stores or in local pharmacies at an affordable price.

Way of use and actions

Men should take the medication with the liquid (not alcohol) just 30- 45min before they want to have love. This time is needed for the main component Tadalafil to start its function in the body.

Once Tadalafil is in a system it enters the sexual organ of a man – the penis. It works smoothly and exactly in the organ affected by the condition of impotence.

Tadalafil really destroys the obstacles on the way of the blood flowing to the penis and, with confident muscle relaxation, increases the amount of blood coming to the penile tissues. A man gets and maintains an erection.

With Tadalafil a man can have multiple erections within the time of 36 hours. It allows men to be more spontaneous and things progress smoothly at the time needed.

Why is it necessary to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Several studies give reasons that ED or erectile dysfunction can be used as a marker of other serious health disorders. It was proven that ED can be used to identify heart disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes. Thus, early diagnosis and proper treatment for ED may help to improve erectile abilities of millions of men and prolong their years of living. ED puts barriers on the way to normal sexual life and showing that a man is having a serious health condition such as coronary artery disease or serious cardiac condition.a man
During several surveys a great number of men with ED were examined. The connection between ED and cardiovascular disorder was observed in a huge number of men. Doctors came to the conclusion that men, who experienced ED, were more likely to develop serious cardiovascular problems within 2-5 years. The risk of death related to cardio events like stroke and heart attack is increased in these men up to 90% in comparison to those who do not have any erectile difficulties. The relation between impotence and heart conditions is considered to be in hardening or the arteries in the whole body. The hardening or stiffening of arteries is called atherosclerosis. This disease causes narrowing of the blood vessels and, thus hypertension and obstruction of the blood flow.
When a man comes to his doctor about his ED, he is examined for the reasons of this condition. Once a man receives a proper treatment for his ED problem, he also gets a treatment for the underlying causes. Not every cause of ED is linked to heart problems, still the early detected and controlled disease help to save sexual life of a person as well as his general health and wellbeing.
Getting a treatment for the underlying cause of your ED problem, you should also think about your erections. Cialis will help you to restore your erectile ability and obtain most powerful erections you can only dream about.

Cialis mode of action

Cialis medicine is indicated for the treatment of ED in men. ED may be caused by different reasons, but in most cases it is an inadequate blood supply of the penile organ. Cialis works to improve the blood flow to the penis.
The blood flow can be poor due to the action of PDE-5 enzyme which is located in penile tissue. This enzyme prevents the release of the other substance in the penile tissue, known as cyclic GMP which causes smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to the penis. So Cialis stops the actions of the main reason of poor blood flow, it inhibits PDE-5 and contributes to enhanced erectile function.
The erection can be achieved only with a release of nitric oxide, which is possible when a man is sexually stimulated. A man, who takes Cialis to improve his erectile dysfunction, should get stimulation for the medicine starts its work.
The studies of Tadalafil have shown that it works selectively for PDE-5. This property of the medicine is applied for the treatment of the other male condition – benign prostatic hyperplasia. The enzyme PDE-5 is found not only in penile tissue, but also in prostatic and some other tissues. Tadalafil inhibits its action in the prostate tissue and thus treats the symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Consider Cialis for two days of pleasures

Plan a couple of happy days with your girl –friend or spouse? Not knowing if you can perform well? If you have the problems with erections and are depressed about that, consider Cialis as one of the best treatments for this health state.cialis
Well all men know how uncomfortable it can be when in the right moment the erection has not occurred. Hereof, it is necessary to think about the right method of fixing the problem beforehand. Online stores offer lots of medicines to meet your requirements and advanced needs. Cialis is one of the best options with the perspective of two-day pleasures and comfort concerning sexual life.
The best results of Cialis are appreciated by lots of ED sufferers. Its ability to remain in the blood flow for more than 36 hours makes it outstanding among other oral drugs. This longer period of work is one of the unquestionable advantages of Cialis. Other beneficial features of this medicine include: a variety of doses available for daily or as needed use, low percentage of side effects associated with the medicine and convenient way of application.
Get the pleasurable moments with Cialis during your weekends or holidays. Do not hesitate to ask more information at your doctor’s.

Prolonged erection associated with Cialis use

Cialis causes serious side effects are very uncommon as the medicine has the long terminal half-live and can be used in lower doses. Still there was information about prolonged erections linked to Cialis use. Such prolonged and usually painful erections can last for more than 4 hours and should be treated immediately. In case the treatment is late, a serious damage to the penile tissue can happen and cause permanent erectile dysfunction and even necrosis.prololnged
Priapism in patients who have used Cialis or other oral ED drugs occurs rarely still all patients who take such medicine should know what to do in case of emergency.
The risk for priapism caused by Cialis increases in patients who have conditions: sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, deformation of the penis including angulation, cavernosal fibrosis, or Peyronie’s disease.

Cialis contraindications and limitations of use

Being a potent PDE-5 inhibitor Cialis has certain limitations of use, including: the age, hepatic or renal function impairment, serious heart disease, concomitant medications. These factors may influence on the dose choice for this medication.
Cialis and nitrates
The combination of Cialis with nitrates (any medical product containing nitrate) is contraindicated. Men with ED problem should not use Cialis for the enhancement of their erectile dysfunction if they use nitrate medications regularly or periodically for heart problem or angina.
The combination of Cialis with any nitrate is dangerous and can lead to life-threatening condition such as severe drop in blood pressure.
Cialis in men with hypersensitivity
Cialis is not administered to men with known or supposed hypersensitive reactions to Tadalafil or other ingredient in Cialis. Hypersensitivity reactions reported in association with Cialis use include: Stevens-Johnson syndrome and exfoliative dermatitis.

Generic Cialis dosing information

Generic Cialis is available in the following common doses: 5, 10 and 20 mg.
The shaped, size and color of generic Cialis tablets may differ in different manufacturers. The doses common with brand medication Cialis may also be different for generic versions. You can contact your doctor to know your dose of this drug.
Cialis tablets should be consumed without chewing, the whole prescribed for you dose should be taken.
Cialis dosage for use as needed for Erectile Dysfunction problem:
Most men are recommended to start the treatment with the lowest effective dose. It is common to take Cialis 10 mg tabletsbefore sexual activity. If necessary response to this medication is not obtained, the dose may be increased up to 20 mg or more if necessary. One dose of Cialis should be taken only once per day.
Cialis for use as needed was proven to help men with erectile function c up to 36 hours post dose. So, most patients can use it once in 36 hours.
Cialis can be used daily for Erectile Dysfunction if necessary:
Daily use of Cialis is recommended for patients who have certain health problems (such as kidney or liver impairment), for elder patients and for patients who use other medications. Cialis for daily use is taken in smaller dose of 5 mg. The dose is taken irrespective to sexual activity.
Cialis for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia treatment:
Cialis for BPH symptoms treatment is used once a day in the dose of 5 mg.
Some patients may have both ED and BPH. For such patients Cialis is usedonce daily in the dose of 5 mg.

Magic pill

iCA6D06JPI’m forty five and  around ageforty I started noticing that I had problem with erection.  I never smoke, but all life I led a very wild drinking lifestyle,  and my urologist felt that all my problems with impotence because of drinking. But I decided to try Cialis and  Wow. All of a sudden everything worked great again – this result was like a miracle. Today I am taking Cialis and I very satisfied of my life!


Generic Cialis uses

Generic Cialis contains Tadalafil which is approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in adult men.
Generic Cialis use for ED condition:
Generic Cialis is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction who have problems with getting or keeping erections. The medication assists men in erection achievement by improving blood flow to the penis. Men with ED induced by physical cases have to use oral ED medication each time they plan sexual activity. If ED is caused by stress, depression or other psychological issues, counseling or psychotherapy may help to get rid of erectile failures.
Men with ED can use Cialis daily or as needed. The daily use implies lower doses of generic Cialis for those men who cannot consume larger doses due to other medical problems or age.
Generic Cialis is only for men with ED over the age of 18.
Generic Cialis use for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia:
Cialis relieves the signs and symptoms of BPH in men who experience the enlargement of the prostate gland and related urinary problems.
Generic Cialis use for ED and symptoms of BPH:
One and the same man can have both conditions ED and enlarged prostate symptoms. Generic Cialis can be used for the treatment of both conditions.

Things to discuss with your doctor before Generic Cialis use

Generic Cialis is safe for the majority of men with erectile problem, still some men may be more sensitive to generic Cialis effects and may need lower dose of the medication. Men with other health conditions should consult their doctors to be sure that generic Cialis is the right medication for them.discuss it with your doctor

Men with heart disease, eye problems and a history of priapism should be especially careful when using any medication for erectile dysfunction. They should discuss with a doctor the risks which Cialis involves for them.

It is important to inform your doctor about your medical history in details, including the following:

·        if you are allergic reactions to the medications;

·        if you have unstable heart disease, chest pain, hypertension or previously had stroke, heart attack;

·        if you have serious kidney or liver problems;

·        Eye conditions;

·        Physical deformity of the penis;

·        Blood cell disorders.

If you have other risks such as you have to consume medications for blood pressure lowering or use nitrates for chest pain, do not use generic Cialis.

Cialis with other drugs


Before taking Cialis read more information about side effects of Cialis, and which drugs may affect Cialis. Say your doctor, if you use:

  •     antifungal medication: voriconazole (Vfend), itraconazole (Sporanox), miconazole (Oravig),ketoconazole (Nizoral),  or ;
  •    rifampin (Rimactane,Rifadin,Rifamate,Rifater), rifapentine (Priftin),rifabutin (Mycobutin);
  •     an antidepressant: nefazodone;
  •     a barbiturate: phenobarbital (Solfoton);
  •     seizure medications
  •     drugs to treat high blood pressure
  •     an antibiotic: erythromycin ( Ery-Tab,EryPed, Erythrocin, Pediazole,E.E.S.),telithromycin (Ketek), clarithromycin (Biaxin);
  •     AIDS and HIV drugs
  •     blood pressure and heart  medication : diltiazem (Dilacor, Cardizem,  Tiazac),  quinidine (Quin-G), nicardipine (Cardene),or verapamil ( Covera,Verelan, Calan,Isoptin);

Cialis for ED condition

The oral ED medications are considered to be the most important inventions in medical science. There is a great demand for them among men around the globe. They offer not only the effective tool for the treatment of erectile dysfunction problem, they give men a chance to start a new sexual life.000т

Cialis is one of the various medications that provide men with relief from the burden of impotence. Men can choose the form and dose of this medication according to their individual needs and demands.

Generic Cialis contains Tadalafil as the active component like the brand Cialis. Men who face the problem of impotence should try this effective medication. Generic Cialis medication is produced under the highest standards of quality and safety. For men with ED problem it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting this medication. The doctor will adjust you the correct dosage that gives you the best result in achieving and keeping the strongest erections.

With generic Cialis a person can really feel the difference that the medication brings in sexual abilities.

Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed in the body, so a man can take it 30 minutes before planned sexual activity. The medication starts functioning within 15-30 minutes and remains active up to 36 hours. That is why, men name Cialis – “the weekend pill” as it can be consumed only once in two days.

While using Cialis it is necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol and grapefruit juice. Men can get this medication in different dosages. It is very convenient as no other medication can be taken daily in lower doses. Cialis can be taken daily in the doses of 2.5 and 5 mg.  The most recommended dose for a healthy man who starts Cialis is 10 mg. Men with severe form of erectile problem can start with 20mg. All the doses should be discussed with a doctor.

Men who have other health problems should be more attentive to their state of health while taking Cialis. Men with serious heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease should first consult their doctor before ordering generic Cialis.

What happens if you overdose ?


Call at once health care provider, if you  overdose of Cialis.

The symptoms may be the  next:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • chest pain
  • fainting
  • feeling
  • light-headed nausea


Befor taking


If you have the next conditions of this list, you may need a Cialis special tests or dose adjustment  :

• heart disease or ;

• a  history (within the past ninety days) of a heart rhythm problems;

• congestive heart failure• a recent history  of a stroke(in the past six months), or ;

• angina (chest pain);

• liver disease;

• high or low blood pressure;

• kidney disease;

•  leukemia;

• multiple myeloma;

•  sickle cell anemia, or;

•  hemophilia;

• retinitis pigmentosa;

• a stomach ulcer;

•  Peyronie’s disease.



Today many men have problems with sexual health. Cialis helps to man live without impotencia, because this drug  relaxes muscles of the penis and increases blood flow.

Also your doctor may prescribe  Cialis if you have BPH (symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Another brand of tadalafil (Adcirca), is used to improve exercise capacity in women and men and treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Less serious side effects of Cialis:


• warmth in your neck,chest, face,  or

• headache;

• redness in your neck,chest, face ;

• sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose (cold symptoms) ;

• memory problems;

• back pain

• diarrhea, upset stomach; or

• muscle pain.


Serious side effects


The serious side effects of Cialis may be the next:

•sudden hearing loss•sudden vision loss

• changes in vision or ;

• pain spreading to the shoulder or arm;

• chest pain, sweating,

• shortness of breath,

• ringing in your ears, or ;


• feeling light-headed; or

•  nausea, general ill feeling;

• penis erection that  lasts 4 hours  or is painful .

• irregular heartbeat;

• seizure (convulsions);

•swelling in your hands or feet.